BIND 'max-cache-size' Value on FreeBSD-13.0

Mark Tinka mark at
Thu Sep 2 11:19:51 UTC 2021

On 9/2/21 10:32, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Hmmm.... unlike many big opensource groups, ISC has traditionally used 
> FreeBSD extensively as a development platform, so they should be on 
> top of the differences between FreeBSD and Linux with regard to memory 
> management.
> You've clearly got some sort of memory leak, which you are attributing 
> to bind not managing its cache correctly.  I think that may possibly 
> be a red-herring, and the leak is occurring in some other aspect of 
> bind operation.  But what that might be I have no idea.
> I suggest asking on the bind-users at mailing list, as 
> that's where the ISC devs and many bind specialists hang out.

Thanks, Matthew.

I'll try on the BIND list as well.


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