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Tim Daneliuk tundra at tundraware.com
Sun Oct 3 15:09:30 UTC 2021

> On 10/3/21 07:19, Lee Nelson wrote:
>> I feel like this should be an easy question to find an answer to, but
>> an evening of frustration and search has found me nothing.

1. Use git to fetch the relevant source tree.  Move this to /usr/src on
   the target machine and do the required 'mergemaster', 'make kernel',
   and 'make world' steps outlined in the handbook.  Do this AFTER you
   have a good system backup, just in case.  You're effectively
   rebuilding the entire OS and related docs from source.
1A. There are binary upgrades for FreeBSD available but I've never
    used them so I cannot comment on how one might get them for
    later use elsewhere or whether the will work disconnected from the Net.

2. You can upgrade ports, but it's a little tricky.  Again, you first
   use git to get the latest ports tree.  Then you have to get all
   the source tarballs required to build your ports and put them into
   /usr/ports/distfiles.  This is painful because of the way ports depend
   on other ports, so it make take you a while to figure out what the
   whole set of required tarballs might be.

3. It might be easier to directly download the required packages, but I've
   never done that either.


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