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On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 08:06:28PM -0700, David Christensen wrote:

>Michael Warren Lucas is my go-to author for FreeBSD and ZFS:

I think those were written quite a while ago? I need something covering
both the old zfs and OpenZFS. I'm looking for the differences, any
incompatibilities that might apply in my context. It'd be great if he
has more recent stuff.

>I use zfs-auto-snapshot for snapshot creation/ management, and homebrew
>commands/ scripts for replication.  The homebrew stuff is problematic.

yeah homebrew I'm trying to avoid for lots of reasons.

>I need to evaluate something like zfs-replicate (available as a FreeBSD
>package of the same name):

Thanks for the suggestion. Problem with zfs-replicate is its dependence
on python, which from what I've observed historically, is a bit of a mess.
On my desktop there's lots of ports still needed that are dependent on
python2 even though upstream have retired it. They show up in
reports as EoL'd due to python2; there's loads right now and the desktop
builds its ports in poudriere weekly.

What I'm looking for is something (ideally) written in sh. Or even perl.
But even before that, need to understand incremental backups properly.
Basically the backup needs to be (effectively) write-only. By that, I
mean only added to.

Maybe zfs snapshots aren't the way to go; maybe rsync in the backup
direction only (apart from when something needs to be restored) would
suit my context better. What do you think?
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