Dell Optiplex 980 Desktop

Doug Hardie bc979 at
Sun May 9 06:55:49 UTC 2021

> On 8 May 2021, at 22:51, Weaver <weaver at> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've lurked long enough and decided to take the plunge.
> I have the above specified desktop machine.
> I've done searches and checked out the hardware compatibility list, but
> still not sure if all aspects are catered to.
> Has anybody installed on this machine before and, if so, did they
> encounter any hiccups or outright incompatibilities?
> Thanks for any time and trouble taken.
> Cheers!

I am using a 620 and it works just fine as a server.  I have never used it as a desktop.

-- Doug

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