arm64 FreeBSD13-RC3 /home vs, /usr/home

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Sun Mar 28 14:47:12 UTC 2021

On 26 Mar 2021, at 20:28, wa5qjh <wa5qjh at> wrote:
>  and as a user in the boonies with mostly bad internet, may I request that in package scripts, larger items like llvm10 be fetched very early on instead of nearly last, please!
> If llvm fails to fetch, all that was fetched previously is wasted when you make the attempt again. 

Unless you are deleting the downloaded packages, they should not be fetched again (for example, portmaster -d will do this) unless there is a new version since you last tried.

If your build processes is downloading every package over each time you try to build, then something is wrong with you build process. Check what commands you are using and double check for any aliases that might be mucking things up, or simply specify the path to your child tools to ovoid any misunderstanding.

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