arm64 FreeBSD13-RC3 /home vs, /usr/home

wa5qjh wa5qjh at
Sat Mar 27 02:29:04 UTC 2021

Are not the same thing. /home used to be a link to /usr/home  but its not in the armV6 versions of 13-RC3. I don't know if that's by design or not.
  and as a user in the boonies with mostly bad internet, may I request that in package scripts, larger items like llvm10 be fetched very early on instead of nearly last, please!
If llvm fails to fetch, all that was fetched previously is wasted when you make the attempt again. With metered internet accounts thats money and bandwidth down the drain. Yes, its ridiculous how something so small as 100 MB or even 30MB  can be such an issue, but in a marginal internet area like where I am, it is! So, by placing the "big ones" at the beginning (say, xorg), it matters little to folks with bandwidth, but to us in the boonies, woukd be a big help.

Gary Corell
 Ya gotta see time beyond the end of your nose

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