new install

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Mon Mar 22 01:14:04 UTC 2021

from LuMiWa:

> I bought first laptop in my life (Thinkpad T495) and I have a few 
> questions, please:
> Laptop is with Windows 10 on which I never had (from DOS to FreeBSD and
> OS/2 and Linux between) and I do not want to keep on, security boot is
> enabled.
> I like to install Haiku and FreeBSD. For Haiku is 5 GB more than enough
> and the rest of the drive for FreeBSD.
> Should I install partition disk and install Haiku first or is okay that
> I install FreeBSD and make one FAT32 partition for Haiku? And
> secure boot should be disabled too?

I didn't think Haiku could run on FAT (12, 16 or 32).  Haiku's file system is BFS, though Haiku can read and write FAT32.

Haiku will fit comfortably into 5 GB, though you could need more if you build applications from Haikuports.

By all means, disable secure boot.


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