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> Hi!
> I bought first laptop in my life (Thinkpad T495) and I have a few
> questions, please:
> Laptop is with Windows 10 on which I never had (from DOS to FreeBSD and
> OS/2 and Linux between) and I do not want to keep on, security boot is
> enabled.
> I like to install Haiku and FreeBSD. For Haiku is 5 GB more than enough
> and the rest of the drive for FreeBSD.
> Should I install partition disk and install Haiku first or is okay that
> I install FreeBSD and make one FAT32 partition for Haiku? And
> secure boot should be disabled too?
> Thank you.
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If you are confident that the Haiku partition will not exceed 5G, I'd use
gpart(8) to set up the drive. The order of the partitions is pretty
irrelevant, but reserving 5G and then setting the rest up for FreeBSD.

You should already have an EFI partition. Just leave it alone. If you wan
Windows gone, delete the Windows partitions (usually three of them), and
use  "gpart add -i 2 -s 5G -t fat32 -l Haiku ada0" or something similar.
The label can be anything. If there are spaces in your chosen name, put the
name in quotation marks.

Finally create your FreeBSD partitions. You can either use all space for a
single partition  or use a traditional set for root (/), usr, var, tmp, and
any others you need. I'd put the swap space immediately after the Haiku
partition as, again, you can just specify "gpart add -i 3 -t freebsd-swap
-l swap -s ???G ada0. Everything else will be 1 to N partitions of type
freebsd-ufs. The last can be created without specifying the size and all
remaining space will be allocated to it. Pick a reasonable label for each.
That's it. Then you can use newfs to set up the UFS file structures on each
FreeBSD partition other than swap. Because swap is raw, use glabel(8) to
label it "swap". That's about it.
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