Partitioning 1T HDD

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Sun Mar 21 04:38:49 UTC 2021


I did not go through the full thread. So, this might be already said.

Did you consider ZFS? It should be possible meanwhile to have ZFS on
Linux. It is the plan to make pools usable on both operating systems.

The idea would be to create three partitions. Two small one for the
'/' of the operating systems and a huge one which will be shared.


On Wed,
17 Mar 2021 21:36:15 -0600 Duke Normandin <sidney.reilley.ii at>

> I want to install both FreeBSD and a Linux distro on an ASUS laptop
> that I just upgraded with a 1T HDD.
> I'm not sure how to proceed for a 50-50 split the HDD storage.
> 2 equal Primary partitions? First one gets Freebsd; the 2nd left
> unused until I install a Linux distro?
> OR - do I have to dedicate the 2nd to some filesystem when I install
> FreeBSD?
> Any advise, suggestions, heads-ups, will be most appreciated! TIA
> --
> Sidney
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