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> On Mar 20, 2021, at 8:57 AM, Steve O'Hara-Smith <steve at> wrote:
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> Jerry <jerry at> wrote:
>> I CANNOT install it, 
> 	Perhaps I am misunderstanding the situation. AIUI the install
> completes it is just that the default console is spammed by error messages
> so you can't see the login prompt (it is actually possible to log in and
> work under these conditions but it is hideous to do). Fortunately there is
> a better option, there are several active virtual consoles available by
> hitting Alt-F<n> simply switch to one of those, log in and proceed as
> normal.

I had to install FreeBSD not in GUI but in text menu mode once on the machine producing constant stream of messages (USB related on console). In my case I was booting off USB medium. That effectively obliterated my ability to interact with menu.

The solution to that was to suppress console messages:

when boot menu appears do "ESCape to loader prompt”.
Then in in boot prompt:

set boot_mute=“YES”

After that there were no console messages, and I was able to successfully do installation.

In general, to suppress console messages on already installed system, you can add to /boot/loader.conf:


I hope, this helps.


>> so I am unsure of how to build a custom kernel.
>> Then, assuming I could build a custom kernel, I would not be able to
>> use the "freebsd update" utility.
> 	Of course you can use freebsd-update with a custom kernel, I do it
> all the time. It just adds the extra step of compiling your custom kernel
> before rebooting after the update. My usual sequence for this is:
> freebsd-update fetch
> freebsd-update install
> cd /usr/src
> make kernel
> reboot
> 	NB: make kernel works because I have kernconf set in /etc/make.conf
> to the name of my custom kernel config.
>> So, to put it in the vernacular,
>> "I am fucked if I do, and fucked if I don't".
> 	Nope, you just have to understand how to get yourself out of the
> hole.
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