Partitioning 1T HDD

Duke Normandin sidney.reilley.ii at
Fri Mar 19 19:51:12 UTC 2021

On Fri, 19 Mar 2021 10:26:39 -0700
"Russell L. Carter" <rcarter at> wrote:


> As others have pointed out, don't forget partition labels.  It is
> considerably easier to figure out what each partition is being used
> for if they have been labeled in an obvious way:
> $ gpart list | grep label
>     label: gptboot0
>     label: swap0
>     label: zfs0
>     label: ssd1
>     label: m.2_ssd1
> Especially if it has been some time since the last time you looked.

Thanks for the tip!!
Duke Normandin <sidney.reilley.ii at>

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