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Fri Mar 19 16:10:23 UTC 2021

On 3/19/21 8:00 AM, Jerry wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Mar 2021 10:42:04 -0400, Paul stated:
>>> Le 19 mars 2021 à 10:34, Matthias Gamsjager <mgamsjager at> a
>>> écrit :
>>> On Fri, 19 Mar 2021 at 15:16, Jerry <jerry at> wrote:
>>>> With the soon-to-be release of version 13 of FreeBSD and the EOL of
>>>> FreeBSD 11.x, I will need to invest in a new OS. Due to FreeBSD’s
>>>> unfortunate inability to squash bug
>>>>, l am left
>>>> with no choice but to seek out a new OS. I need a bare-bones system
>>>> that can run a mail server, Postfix with Dovecot, and a few other
>>>> utilities.
>>>> --
>>>> Jerry
>>> Not sure what you want to hear. You could also try a different
>>> motherboard. _______________________________________________
>> Or you could try not being lazy and fixing the bug yourself it’s an
>> open source software and you’re free to rewrite the kernel however you
>> like so don’t play these games with us if freebsd is good enough for
>> Apple in their build of xnu , Microsoft and Seagate, ARM, etc. , IT
>> SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR JERRY, so don’t play this game with us and
>> is the default mail server not postfix...
>> Envoyé de mon iPad

To anyone who has read the bug report, this is clearly a serious regression issue on certain USB (probably 3) host controller hardware.

Those same unread individuals claim anyone unlucky enough to have purchased affected hardware should:

1) Read several million lines of code

2) Become an expert in low level kernel debug of USB/PCI/ACPI issues

3) bisect, build, and debug several dozen kernels that may, or may not, work with an installed userland, or even compile for that matter.

Anyone not ready to jump into this fray is "lazy". Why? because the "source" is available.

Ironically, the info in these accusatory emails demonstrates these individuals have not even made the effort to read the bug report before hurling their insults.

> Obviously, you are of no assistance.

Well said Jerry.

This is clearly a regression with 11.x kernels being unaffected. As such, the 11 series should NOT be EOL'd until resolution of this issue reached.

This is a request to the release engineering team to please continue to support 11.x until USB3 issues in 12.x and 13.x are resolved.

Thank you...


p.s. This is not a thread about email servers.

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