OS to replace FreeBSD

@lbutlr kremels at kreme.com
Fri Mar 19 15:04:10 UTC 2021

On 19 Mar 2021, at 08:10, Jerry <jerry at seibercom.net> wrote:
> With the soon-to-be release of version 13 of FreeBSD and the EOL of
> FreeBSD 11.x, I will need to invest in a new OS. Due to FreeBSD’s
> unfortunate inability to squash bug
> https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=237666,

Isn't this the Dell onboard USB controller issue? (I've read that thread before, I am not re-reading it all again, but it looks like it is). If I recall correctly from last month, there is a workaround where you disable USB3 onboard and recompile without it.

I mean, disabling USB3 on a server is a good idea ANYWAY, but if you need it, you can disable the onboard USB3 and add a card with a known-food controller.

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