Partitioning 1T HDD

Duke Normandin sidney.reilley.ii at
Thu Mar 18 16:52:22 UTC 2021

On Thu, 18 Mar 2021 09:10:03 +0100
Ralf Mardorf <ralf-mardorf at> wrote:

> > On 18 Mar 2021, at 06:40, Kevin Oberman <rkoberman at> wrote:
> > .I would strongly recommend partitioning as GPT.
> Hi,
> why? There's no reason to use UEFI for a Linux and FreeBSD dual-boot. Or does FreeBSD enforce UEFI nowadays? Full address access of a 1 (and even a 2) TiB drive works with MBR. If the computer gets borked and you urgently need access to data on a weekend, when all stores are closed, let alone Corona lockdowns, it's possible to use the drive with any old hardware providing the right bus interface lying around. AFAIK this is something you can't do when using GPT, since not all BIOS' support GPT.

Good point. Thx!!
This ASUS laptop of mine WAS a windoze 7/10 box - off-the-shelf. Got fed up with with the OS BS. ;) According to the BIOS, it does support UEFI, but isn't that yet another Windoze thing that everybody is forced to live with? To my knowledge and non-professional experience dating back to 1981, I've never had a problem with MBR-based boxes. Thx for the input!!

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