Partitioning 1T HDD

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Thu Mar 18 05:40:45 UTC 2021

On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 8:36 PM Duke Normandin <sidney.reilley.ii at>

> I want to install both FreeBSD and a Linux distro on an ASUS laptop
> that I just upgraded with a 1T HDD.
> I'm not sure how to proceed for a 50-50 split the HDD storage.
> 2 equal Primary partitions? First one gets Freebsd; the 2nd left unused
> until I install a Linux distro?
> OR - do I have to dedicate the 2nd to some filesystem when I install
> FreeBSD?
> Any advise, suggestions, heads-ups, will be most appreciated! TIA
> --
> Sidney
FreeBSD defaults to putting everything in one partition. There is no
requirement for more than one. I would strongly recommend partitioning as
GPT. I find it much easier to work with and it is the modern standard. If
you use UEFI, gpt is the way to go. Some old systems, like my 10 year old
T520 that don't support EFI well or at all or well, but I'd still recommend
GPT. I would expect any system newer than 5 years should be fine with EFI.
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