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On 3/9/21 3:58 AM, Doug Hardie wrote:
> I have two systems on the same ethernet.  One is configured as a router, the other as a host.  rtadvd is running on the router, rtsold on the host, and route6d on both.  The router was up and running and I initiated tcpdump of ip6 packets on the interface.  Then I booted the host.  The results are interesting:


> The question is, why are the host addresses being used before DAD is attempted?  It appears there could be some really interesting problems if the link-layer address actually was duplicated.  The problems would happen before DAD was even attempted?

I would posit that this is because the fe80:: addresses used in the
initial solicitation are derived from the MAC address of the interface,
and if you have two interfaces with the same MAC address on the same
subnet you have much bigger problems.
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