Somewhat OT: Mail Relay Services

Walter von Entferndt walter.von.entferndt at
Wed Mar 3 13:49:49 UTC 2021

If these have already been mentioned, sorry for the noise: (.net .mx .younameit) & are two companies located 
in Berlin, Germany, i.e. under German/EU legislation.  They offer e-mail+ 
services from 1€/month upwards for private & commercial customers.  
Given today's internet connectivity, they are comfortably usable from 
other places as well.

If you want, you can have complete anonymity; Posteo claims to have no 
DB of their clients & payment can be done completely anonymous, e.g. by 
snailmail or via a personal courier (cab driver).
=|o)  "Stell' Dir vor es geht und keiner kriegt's hin." (Wolfgang Neuss)

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