installed ports library audit?

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Mon Mar 1 16:00:05 UTC 2021

On 3/1/21 8:38 AM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 01/03/2021 15:36, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> On 01/03/2021 03:43, Gary Aitken wrote:
>>> I just mostly recovered from a system crash where /usr was corrupted and
>>> had to be recovered using fsck; couldn't completely recover using the
>>> journal.
>>> I suspect the trashed files are in one of a few libraries.  I'm wondering
>>> if there's an easy way to audit all files installed by given ports,
>>> i.e. do an sha256 or something like that on each and compare with the known
>>> good if it's available somewhere?
> Dammit. `pkg check -s -x .`
> `-r` is exactly what you don't want, as that will make pkg(8) believe the corrupted files are actually correct.

Thanks, glad I went to bed before I saw the wrong one.  I read the man page
first but sometimes a in-a-hurry-to-get-things-done read misses things like

Is there a similar check for the base system install?  I see security audits
but those are event related.


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