Old NVIDIA card, new FreeBSD = failure?

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Sat Jun 26 22:11:44 UTC 2021

Greg V <greg at unrelenting.technology>:

>   Robert Huff <roberthuff at rcn.com>:
>   >	(For anyone in my position: I _think_ the RX 460 and above
>   >support GCN 2.1, which is what I _think_ is the bottom-end
>   >specification.  Cards matching this number seem to start at about
>   >US $50.)
>   GCN is the name of the GPU architecture, not something a GPU
>   "supports"..

	Got that; the "support" is from the software.
	I have two conflicting desires:
	a) I want to run modern applications ...
			on the latest stable version of X ...
			using an actively maintained and
				improved version of amdgpu/drm ...
			working with reasonably high-performance hardware.
	b) I have a very limited budget, and would ideally like to be
		able to use this on older systems - say ones with a PCIe 2.0
		expansion slot.

	Finding a card that meets these specifications has been
... educational.  That's why I'm hoping someone more knowledgable
has done the work and would be willing to publish it.


				Robert Huff

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