Fibre channel target

Shahin Hasanov shahinhasanov at
Mon Jun 21 06:23:18 UTC 2021

I had hardware
 1. MSA 2052
 2. Sun Switch
 3. Freebsd server with PICe 4GB Qlogic 2460 single channel FC card (QLA2432 in FreeBSD);

I'd like to get access to MSA storage via FC
 My question is
  1. Is it possible to get access to the storage

The server saw other servers(VMware) WWPN which connected to SUN Switch but I don't know how  connect to the MSA.
ctlfeasync: WWPN 0x51402ec012c85ebe port 0x9d0100 path 3 target 0 arrived
ctlfeasync: WWPN 0x51402ec012c85ec2 port 0x9d0200 path 3 target 1 arrived
ctlfeasync: WWPN 0x51402ec012c862d2 port 0x9d0300 path 3 target 2 arrived
ctlfeasync: WWPN 0x51402ec012c85e76 port 0x9d0800 path 3 target 3 arrived

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