Bridging from WiFi to ethernet

RW rwmaillists at
Sun Jun 20 18:31:52 UTC 2021

Does anyone have a working set of entries in rc.conf to bridge traffic
between ethernet and WiFI adaptors? 

The reason I ask is that I have an ethernet printer that I only use
from a Windows laptop (and maybe android in future). The printer used to
plug into the wireless router, but a new router is next to the master socket,
and the printer is now inaccessible from mobile devices.

My wifi is set up like this

  create_args_wlan0="country GB"
  ifconfig_wlan0="WPA inet netmask ssid mynetworkname"

and it works (without bridging). From what it says in section 32.6 of the handbook I 
thought that something like the following would work:

  ifconfig_re0="up" #  Ethernet adaptor 
  create_args_wlan0="country GB"
  ifconfig_wlan0="up WPA ssid mynetworkname" # IP address goes on the bridge
  ifconfig_bridge0=" inet  addm re0 addm wlan0 up"

but after booting the bridge had no IP address and only had re0 as a member.

Thinking it was likely a timing problem I commented-out the bridge line
and configured the bridge manually after boot. I also ran 

  route add default

The bridge now had an IP address and two member interfaces. bridge0 was also 
showing as the interface for the default route. It all looked OK, but it doesn't work. 
I can't even ping the router. 

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