Is a successful call to write(2) atomic?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Wed Jun 16 06:11:08 UTC 2021

In message <CAFbbPuhdNw4pQjKNyHnLpoNTkuxdr9=YcP+NQUTojz2eJnHfXg at>
Paul Procacci <pprocacci at> wrote:

>This is what I was advocating for.  Sorry if that wasn't clear.
>It might make sense to provide a visual representation using C pseudo code:
>{... snipped...}

Thank you Paul.  I have the general idea, and I can take it from here.

Note that I was -already- having the master/parent process read input
and then pass down bits of work-to-be-done to the various "worker bee"
child proceses, so I do understand how to code all this up properly.
Now I just have to add in some more pipes to pass lines of completed
results back up to the parent, in addition to the parent sending stuff
down to the children via pipes.

Piece of cake.  I just hope and trust (and believe) that adding that into
my existing code will solve the problem.  I think it will.


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