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Victor Sudakov vas at
Thu Jun 10 05:35:52 UTC 2021

Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> > > I did not know that there are "poudriere" unofficial repos. I thought
> > those
> > > were personal builds.
> > >
> >
> > It's a terminological question mostly. For the present, I've googled
> > this up:
> > I'll try if it works (in a dedicated poudriere tree).
> >
> Nice one.
> Just to be clear, I have never paid much attention to the likes of
> poudriere as I have never had a need.

It required a small hack to work in poudriere:
but if the ${PORTSDIR}/MOVED is removed, it works for now for PHP 7.2.


> >
> > I'm not the one to dictate to developers. I actually spoke with the guy,
> > he is pretty much OS-agnostic, and he told me "I don't see why this is a
> > problem for you, there are all versions of PHP available for Linux, or
> > you can always use Docker."
> >
> True.
> > I did not tell him that we don't have Docker either.
> >
> True, but we have byhve, no?

bhyve != Docker. These are different technologies.
The Linux equivalent of bhyve is kvm.

The closest equivalent to Docker is jail, but jail lacks all the
infrastructure and automation Docker has. There are attempts to build
something like Docker (iocage is the most known IMHO but its images are
not layered which kills all the fun).

But of course neither bhyve nor jail can run ready-made Docker
containers with PHP or whatever.

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