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Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Jun 7 08:30:06 UTC 2021

Odhiambo Washington wrote:


> I did not know that there are "poudriere" unofficial repos. I thought those
> were personal builds.

It's a terminological question mostly. For the present, I've googled
this up:
I'll try if it works (in a dedicated poudriere tree).


> > > > It's strange and alarming that nobody cares in the FreeBSD world. In
> > > > Linux, you can install all versions from, and what's
> > > > more, you can even have different versions simultaneously on one
> > system.
> > > >
> > >
> > > Then what stops you from migrating the legacy moodle to Linux??
> >
> > Nothing, actually, except my long-term preference for FreeBSD.
> >
> > It just saddens me to see migrations from FreeBSD to Linux and never vice
> > versa.
> >
> Solutions come in all forms. Inadequacies too.
> So what FreeBSD cannot solve, Linux will probably solve. FreeBSD loses a
> follower as Linux gains one.
> In this case, though, you are taking the wrong approach - insisting on
> running outdated code/
> Your developer should update the code. If not, just look for the right
> forum and share the problematic code and
> you might get advice on how to update it.

I'm not the one to dictate to developers. I actually spoke with the guy,
he is pretty much OS-agnostic, and he told me "I don't see why this is a 
problem for you, there are all versions of PHP available for Linux, or
you can always use Docker."

I did not tell him that we don't have Docker either.

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