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Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Jun 7 07:21:28 UTC 2021

Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> > >
> > > There were some errors, but they were easily cleaned up by installing the
> > > missing pieces via pkg.  Just to name one:
> > > # pkg install p5-Locale-gettext
> >
> > This will not work in poudriere. I'd like to have a reproducible build,
> > if possible, not some kind of one-time hack.
> >
> And suddenly you introduce another condition to your original request!

My original request was:

"Can you recommend an (unofficial) repository with the PHP 7.2 port? I
need it to support a legacy installation of Moodle, but would not want
to use an outdated ports tree snapshot."

I think it's quite clear that the request was about a ports tree I can
build from. If not, sorry about that.


> > It's strange and alarming that nobody cares in the FreeBSD world. In
> > Linux, you can install all versions from, and what's
> > more, you can even have different versions simultaneously on one system.
> >
> Then what stops you from migrating the legacy moodle to Linux??

Nothing, actually, except my long-term preference for FreeBSD.

It just saddens me to see migrations from FreeBSD to Linux and never vice versa.

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