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Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Jun 7 07:12:53 UTC 2021

Paul Procacci wrote:
> I'm not sure if it's either strange nor alarming like you claim.
> That version of php is EOL from the vendor afterall.
> The specific topic of maintaining support for old software, or retaining
> backwards compatibility has been hashed before not only here, but in most
> venerable software.
> Your example exists because someone out in the world ( Ondřej
> Surý ) has a need for it on Linux and makes his packages available to all.

That's exactly what I meant by "strange and alarming". It's about
FreeBSD's user base. If a large community of admins really had a need
for PHP on FreeBSD, two problems would have been solved already, if not
by the FreeBSD team, then by enthusiasts like Ondřej:

1. A possibility to install multiple versions of PHP simultaneously.

2. A repository for older packages.

> He happens to not only have a need for it, he's actually one of the Debian
> developers as well; though I digress.

There is a similar repo for RPM-based Linuxes, Remi's Repo I guess. Because
enough people need it.

> In the same vein, if you have a need for it, `make package` on your FreeBSD
> version, work through the kinks and also make it available.
> The next bloke who's looking for a package will find yours and be grateful.

Actually, I am that bloke who is looking for a package and an
opportunity to be grateful. 

Not actually for a package though, but for a Poudriere-ready tree.

> In the case of Moodle, I'm not going to question your reason for using old
> software, but will kindly point out that they have a version that's
> compatible w/ more recent versions of php.
> Without knowing your evaluation process or conclusion thereof, I'd suggest
> upgrading Moodle instead.

Those Moodle installations are out of my responsibility. I don't exactly
know why they want the older versions, maybe there are some local
patches, or maybe because "don't fix what ain't broken". Really no idea.
But it might be easier for me eventually to migrate those VMs to Debian.

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