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Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Jun 7 05:38:19 UTC 2021

Paul Procacci wrote:
> Having lots of php72 is no problem if you `find | xargs`.
> I tried this and didn't _really_ run into any problems.
> I didn't try any of the extensions however.
> This is what I did:
> # svn co -r r559730 /tmp/ports
> # cd /tmp/ports
> # find . -iname "php72*" -type d -print0 | xargs -0 -I% cp -R % /usr/ports/%
> # cd /usr/ports/lang/php72
> # make install
> There were some errors, but they were easily cleaned up by installing the
> missing pieces via pkg.  Just to name one:
> # pkg install p5-Locale-gettext

This will not work in poudriere. I'd like to have a reproducible build,
if possible, not some kind of one-time hack.


> Extensions would be similar, but I didn't try any.

There may be many dependencies to fix.

I have already tried going your way with the php52 port on a recent
FreeBSD, this turned out to be an unpleasant manual process of fixing
dependencies etc, and eventually I failed to overcome the problem.

It's strange and alarming that nobody cares in the FreeBSD world. In
Linux, you can install all versions from, and what's
more, you can even have different versions simultaneously on one system.

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