How to install .deb in /compat/ubuntu linuxulator

Pete Wright pete at
Sat Jun 5 15:07:16 UTC 2021

On 6/2/21 10:02 PM, Thiago Luiz Parolin wrote:
> I used linux-browser-installer to get netflix on my freebsd 13, and
> everything works fine.
> Now I need to access internet banking which only works if I install a
> component on the system that is only available for windows/mac/linux. I
> would like to use the .deb package from the linux version to install this
> software, which is not available for freebsd and there is no access to the
> source code.
> How to proceed?

when i've done this in the past i created a linux environment based on 
the instructions here:

after you get things setup you can chroot into this environment like so:
chroot /compat/ubuntu /bin/bash

then from there you can run apt-get, dpkg etc.  the wiki has some other 
details so def read it closely.


Pete Wright
pete at

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