Has anyone used mlmmj and/or mlmmj-webview?

William Dudley wfdudley at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 20:41:33 UTC 2021

Preparatory to upgrading the FreeBSD 12, I'm trying to
find a replacement for mailman 2 since it's no longer available in
pkg or ports.  (I find building from source fraught sometimes,
so not confident that I can build from source after the upgrade.)

I've installed mlmmj and mlmmj-webview.  I got mlmmj "working",
though I had to patch the source code and re-compile to get it
to actually send mail.  It decided that since "Return-Path:" was
missing on emails I was sending (from localhost), that there was
no "envelope", and refused to work.  I hacked the code to use
"From:" address as the envelope address.  Obviously people must
use this without hacking it, so how is it supposed to work on
FreeBSD with sendmail?

As far as mlmmj-webview -- I can't find any kind of documentation
at all as to how one is supposed to connect this to Apache (or any
other web server).  Just running it from the command line returns
nothing, and invoking it via a browser gets the same empty result.

Both programs are installed from packages, so in theory, they
work in FreeBSD.

Bill Dudley

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