Cans We take Snapshots of VMs with Volumes attached?

Thu Jul 29 12:46:15 UTC 2021

Fello BSDians,

I am in the process of migrating   VMs from  Redhat Virtualization ( oVirt
KVM ) to our OpenStack Cloud setup(  Ussuri version of OpenStack with
Glance storage and  KVM hypervisor)

presently  we are getting three  qcow2 files from each VM with logical
volumes attached to the Virtual Machine.
one OS image ( qcow2 format)
second  boot (qcow2 )
third data volume  as LVM partition (qcow2)

Is there any way to get all the three files can be extracted as a single
image file in qcow2 format.

OR I can rephrase the question as follows ..

I am able to get snapshot images of VMs without volumes attached.
But unable to get snapshot of Vms with  volumes attached.

Is there a way to take snapshot  VMs with Volume attached . ?

Thanks in advance

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