Wireguard_kmod strange behaviour with config from Linux

Dmitry Polyakov polyakov at liltechdude.xyz
Thu Jul 22 18:51:50 UTC 2021


Some time's ago I decided to move all what I want from server from
Ubuntu to FreeBSD.  All passed normally but not VPN. When I tried to
simply copy wireguard server config and change Endpoint value in client
config to server IP, I get that I could only connect to the server (on
the server I could connect to anywhere as always). I think this is DNS
trouble or something, because `ping freebsd.org` initially wait for some
time and after constantly return network error. FreeBSD 13,
wireguard-kmod 0.0.20210606_1. I setup wireguard simply by copypast
config and run "service wireguard start". Client is GNU/Linux
(network-manager). All followed configs works perfectly on linux
server. Sorry for my bad english.

-- server config --
Address =,fd42:42:42::1/64
ListenPort = 62346
PrivateKey = (private key)

PublicKey = (public key)
PresharedKey = (psk key)
AllowedIPs =,fd42:42:42::2/128

-- client config --
PrivateKey = (private key)
Address =,fd42:42:42::2/128
DNS =,

PublicKey = (public key)
PresharedKey = (psk key)
Endpoint = (endpoint):62346
AllowedIPs =,::/0

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