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I agree, Alejandro. They do contribute to the community. The remora keeps
the shark clean of aquatic bugs
and is a pleasant companion. LOL
It is a symbiosis in an ecosystem. Even Leopards give back to the community.
Only some/many humans are the exception to this rule.
I am going to use NomadBSD on hard metal.
Maybe I should not have used the word parasitical.
The very fact that they make DE's for FreeBSD is a great contribution.
Had they not made the contribution, I would not use FreeBSD.
I really did not mean to offend anybody.
As I said, my pref is purely technical.

This is an interesting case that shows how copyright actually distorts
Imagine I create a DE for FreeBSD and call it AlphaX
On distrowatch it would say: AlphaX is based on FreeBSD despite the fact
that AlphaX's code would be 97% FreeBSD and 3% my code.
In reality, my DE would be an addition to FreeBSD. A meagre, minimal,
Hence, saying AlphaX is based on FreeBSD does not quite capture it.
It should be called FreeBSD/AlphaX DE
However, since I can not use the name FreeBSD (for legal reasons) I can not
be honest.
I would have to call it AlphaX and say that it is based on FreeBSD when, in
reality, it is
FreeBSD with my meagre addition.

Imagine I take a Peugeot 205 rally car, change the inside, change the
instrumentation and call it ZeeMobile.
See what I am getting at?

Well, apologies for the use of the word parasitical.

I am just someone who is interested in technology.
Greetings everyone,
Kind regards and thanks to the FreeBSD Foundation.
I really like the manner in which the Foundation combines two venerable
principles: democracy and aristocracy.

On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 6:09 PM Alejandro Imass <aimass at> wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 1:22 PM ezekiel motta <ezekielmotta017 at>
> wrote:
>> Precisely. Apple is parasitical, but so is everyone else. Google's use of
>> Linux, Torvald's use of Unix, Ubuntu's use of Debian, PopOS use of Ubuntu,
>> Manjaro's use of Arch, ad infinitum.
>> There is nothing morally repugnant about it, just as there is nothing
>> repugnant about the remora's behaviour vis a vis the shark.
>> I did not mean it as a moralistic comment.
> Parasitical usually means all take and no give back which IMHO is very
> well represented by Oracle and their CEO actually saying it out aloud:
> "Larry Ellison: “If an Open Source Product Gets Good Enough, We’ll Simply
> Take It.” Most everyone else you mentioned above has given a lot of value
> to their original projects. For example, Ubuntu has probably given more to
> Debian than people might realize. E.g. If you have a hardware issue in
> Debian, you will probably find the answer in an Ubuntu forum or mailing
> list, and most of the time, these patches make their way back to Debian
> and/or the Linux kernel.
> I think derived works and/or forks are more of an ecosystem model than
> parasitical. There are some notable exceptions, but in general I think that
> most who fork, will happily give back to their upstream.
> Back to FreeBSD, IMO the Desktop is definitively not the focus, although
> there are many hard-core FBSD users who use it as a workstation.
> The opportunity is there, especially with FBSD's licencing, but I think it
> requires some financial benefit to make it worthwhile to invest in the
> arduous process of maintaining workstation type software, and convincing
> partners to join your cause, for example basic stuff like Skype or Zoom.
> IIRC iXsystems tried this with TrueOS, I am guessing inspired by their
> success with FreeNAS, but eventually killed the project:
> IMO (and this is not criticism) the core FreeBSD is not really interested
> in the applications of FreeBSD as such but more to maintain the original
> and purest possible form of Unix remaining on the planet. That is why I
> don't see *BSD projects as parasitical at all, but rather focused
> implementations / applications of FreeBSD.
> Best,
> --
> Alejandro Imass

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