how often do the pkg machines run?

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> Hi,
> How often do the machines that make compiled packages build? The build
> I'm referring to is amd64 "latest". I mean, how often does it refresh?
> I'm asking because I have my poudriere configured to get some large ports
> via binary packages (things like rust for example) and was surprised to
> see it compiling from source, as if latest rust was unavailable on
> thanks,
> --
> J.
Package builds start at 01:00 UTC on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday IF the previous run has completed. Since a full rebuild of all
packages takes several days, it is hard to say when they will actually
start. I can say that at the start of each quarter there seems to be a full
rebuild (31,000 or so ports). Why? No idea but they took over 64 hours to
complete, so between two and three days. Occasionally, a build is so small
that it takes under a day, but the last 15 stable/13 builds took less than
24 hours only twice with one completing in just over 7 hours.

Also, you have to allow for the time to takes to distribute the updated
packages. A very large build can take days to distribute as all mirrors
must have confirmed "good" copies before they go live on any mirror. It
would cause immense confusion if all mirrors did not have the same
packages. Since some places still have painfully slow connections that are
subject to interruptions, it takes WAY longer than most people would
expect. Of course, it's highly inconsistent. The 7 hour build was also the
last one and I was available in just a few hours.

Since you mention rust, it is takes took 5:45 to build for 13-stable, but a
version bump also will rebuild rust cross-compilers for all supported
platforms (5) as well as building bootstraps for them. Of course, ports
requiring rust also need building (e.g. firefox). As a result, a bump in
rust will always result in a pretty long build.

All time are for 13-stable. Not all build machines are equal and I know
that 12-stable builds more slowly. Some are significantly slower.

For more than you ever wanted to wanted to know about build times, check
out Most (all?) of the build machines are IPv6
only, so some links will be broken if you don't have IPv6 capability.
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