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Mon Jul 19 21:17:31 UTC 2021

On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 3:59 PM ezekiel motta <ezekielmotta017 at>

> just by calling it zeemobile (while stating that it was based on FreeBSD)
> I would already be...well....
> parasitizing.
> Jordan Peterson is a wee monster-parasite. excellent illustration,
> Alejandro.
> a mix of Darwin, social and psychological determinism, a dash of the
> performance ethos of the ubermensch, all
> repackaged and voilá: an OS for possessive individualists i.e.for
> the masses. oki doki
LOL, this is getting seriously off topic, but just for the record I'd take
JBP's Monsters any day before the crazy ass postmodern wokeness we are
seeing here in Canada.

> if it serves my needs, then it must be good
> technology is a social phenomenon.
> CB Macpherson, Alejandro. Now that is a philosopher LOL
I'll check it out.

> technology is a social phenomenon.
> an OS that can only be easily used by hard-core users is not a free system
> price of admission: fluency, knowledge
> it is like asking a kid to become an electrician befores he uses
> electricity

> let me tell you a story about Johnny, the tech ignoramus
> he knew nothing about tech
I think we all started as Johnny Tech. In my case I got a VIC20 for my 9th
birthday and when you'd turn it on it wouldn't do shit unless you typed
some BASIC code.
But it came with an awesome little book that any kid that could read
English could start messing with the VIC right away.

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