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Mon Jul 19 19:33:10 UTC 2021

On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 2:31 PM ezekiel motta <ezekielmotta017 at>

> I agree, Alejandro. They do contribute to the community. The remora keeps
> the shark clean of aquatic bugs
> and is a pleasant companion. LOL
> It is a symbiosis in an ecosystem. Even Leopards give back to the
> community.
> Only some/many humans are the exception to this rule.

yeah humans do not give too much back.

> I am going to use NomadBSD on hard metal.

Looks bad ass, didn't even know it existed. I'm going to try it out on some
old laptops and see.

> Maybe I should not have used the word parasitical.
> The very fact that they make DE's for FreeBSD is a great contribution.
> Had they not made the contribution, I would not use FreeBSD.
> I really did not mean to offend anybody.

None taken. Just a purely philosophical discussion. It's like when Jordan
Peterson uses the word "Monster". I perfectly understand what he's saying
but a lot of people don't.

> As I said, my pref is purely technical.
+1 here.

> This is an interesting case that shows how copyright actually distorts
> matters.
> Imagine I create a DE for FreeBSD and call it AlphaX
> On distrowatch it would say: AlphaX is based on FreeBSD despite the fact
> that AlphaX's code would be 97% FreeBSD and 3% my code.
> In reality, my DE would be an addition to FreeBSD. A meagre, minimal,
> addition.
> Hence, saying AlphaX is based on FreeBSD does not quite capture it.
> It should be called FreeBSD/AlphaX DE

I don't agree and I didn't agree with RMS when he insisted people call
Linux GNU/Linux.

> However, since I can not use the name FreeBSD (for legal reasons) I can
> not be honest.
> I would have to call it AlphaX and say that it is based on FreeBSD when,
> in reality, it is
> FreeBSD with my meagre addition.
So long as it expands the user base and extends the reach of an Open Source
project I think is all good.

> Imagine I take a Peugeot 205 rally car, change the inside, change the
> instrumentation and call it ZeeMobile.
> See what I am getting at?
yeah perhaps. Especially if you don't give full credit to the original

> Well, apologies for the use of the word parasitical.
LOL, no issue here.

> I am just someone who is interested in technology.
> Greetings everyone,
> Kind regards and thanks to the FreeBSD Foundation.
> I really like the manner in which the Foundation combines two venerable
> principles: democracy and aristocracy.
> Z
Yeah. FBSD is probably the great last bastion of simple and true and
powerful tech.


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