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Mon Jul 19 13:57:51 UTC 2021

On Mon, 19 Jul 2021 09:18:33 -0400
Nathaniel Nigro <nathaniel.nigro at> wrote:

> I understand now, because I wasn’t doing the kernel updates (recompileing
> it afterwards) after the binary updates  it was saying the user land was
> at patch 7 but could be at 9 Unless I did the kernel updates?--

	Not quite - there are two distinct versions the kernel version and
the userland version. Every binary patch will update the userland version
but only binary patches that change the kernel will update the kernel

	Building from source and installing always updates both versions.

	Either way you wind up with the same kernel and userland, but in
the source upgrade the kernel picks up the version bump whether or not it
is otherwise changed.

	IOW kernel versions p7, p8 and p9 are identical apart from the
version number so a binary upgrade doesn't bother changing it.

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