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Mon Jul 19 13:04:44 UTC 2021

On Mon, 19 Jul 2021 08:49:21 -0400
Nathaniel Nigro <nathaniel.nigro at> wrote:

> I noticed updating through binaries, on 12x as of now that it takes me to
> patch 7 vs through source it where it’s patching me up to p9. My question

	The kernel is at patch 7, but userland is at patch 9 - which simply
means that the latest two patches did not affect the kernel. To see both
kernel and userland versions currently installed use:

freebsd-version -ku

> is, when I update through source am I technically getting the newer
> patches ? or patched 2 months longer through source vs binaries? Also. I

	No it's just that binary upgrades that don't include the kernel
don't bump the kernel version but if you rebuild the kernel after a source
upgrade it will even though nothing else has changed in the kernel.

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