KDE/Plasma + sddm: graphical login pauses a while, then restarts.

Michael Schuster michaelsprivate at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 05:40:17 UTC 2021


I'm running CURRENT as of Saturday night (built myself) and KDE (installed
via pkg and working fine with the version updated around April). As
indicated in the subject, I use sddm, and have been for the largest part of
a year.

For about the last two weeks, after I do "pkg update" & "pkg upgrade" into
a new BE and reboot,
I see the following behaviour:
- I type in my password at the greeter's prompt,
- the greeter window disappears, the usual progress bar KDE presents
reaches about 1/3rd of its usual breadth, and stops.
- after a while (hard to say, probably only a few seconds), the
screen turns black, I see only the mouse cursor (which moves if I move the
- after a few more seconds, the login screen reappears.
- I see no discernible error/warning message displayed.

for completeness' sake:
- login on a text console is possible all the time.
- I didn't change my password during this time.
- till before this weekend, I was using scfb, now (finally! :-)) I can use
amdgpu, there seems to be no difference.

I haven't done much investigation, mainly because I don't really know where
to look - several attempts at an internet search with various wording
variations didn't result in anything useful.

TIA for any hints, suggestions, pointers.
Michael Schuster
recursion, n: see 'recursion'

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