Jails, Containers and the Handbook

Alejandro Imass aimass at yabarana.com
Sun Jul 11 12:33:02 UTC 2021

Hi there!

I hope I won't stir up a rats nest here but why is the Jails section in the
Handbook so updated with respect to containerization. I know FBSD invented
the chroot on steroids concept and that I've been doing many of the things
Linuxers boast about today on Docker, probably since I switched to FBSD
circa 2006 IIRC.

My question is twofold: (a) why is the Handbook, and perhaps the FBSD
community, adverse to the term 'Container"? I.e. in 2021 shouldn't the
Handbook section be titled something like "Jails and Containers" ? (b) why
are the other jail management tools not listed on the Handbook? With all
the respect that Dirk and the rest of EzJail maintainers deserve, EzJail is
a great and stable tool, but seems a bit stalled IMHO (last update AFAICT
was in 2015). Meanwhile, BastilleBSD and iocage and probably several others
are advancing in exciting directions to provide pipelines equivalent, or
better than Docker.

I know this is a loaded question, and probably a very "developer centric"
viewpoint. But you have no idea how badly I would like to replace every
Docker/Linux CI/CD pipeline on the planet with FreeBSD+X+ZFS. I think the
market itself wants a good solid alternative and my dream has been that
FBSD be that alternative. Yet I see all this exciting stuff happening on
FBSD and Containerization and the Handbook is probably still in 2006.

Please flames to /dev/null and just wondering why this is so.... Is it just
lack of volunteering to update that section, or are there more
deeper/political issues to leave Jails "pure, so to speak.


Alejandro Imass

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