PulseAudio, virtual_oss and sndio (was: OSS usage with i3wm on a Lenovo laptop)

Mathias Picker Mathias.Picker at virtual-earth.de
Mon Feb 15 12:05:50 UTC 2021

Graham Perrin <grahamperrin at gmail.com> writes:

> On 13/02/2021 09:23, Waitman Gobble wrote:
>> … You can use Virtual OSS, Pulseaudio, or Sndio …
> Nit: according to <https://wiki.freebsd.org/Sound> it's possible 
> to make 
> _combined_ use of virtual_oss and sndiod.

>From what Ι found out, sndio adresses local devices as rsnd/X (for 
dspX), so I needed to create my virtual_oss device as /dev/dspX to 
find it in sndio.
Then I can simply start ~sndiod -f rsnd/X~ and every 
sndio-application will use the virtual_oss device by default.

I’m using this for videoconferencing with Firefox and Chrome, 
works fine.

I first tried with ~/dev/vdspX~ but never found out how to adress 
this in sndio.

/ Mathias 

> ----
> I sort of lost track of things here … I probably use PulseAudio 
> by 
> default, with occasional runs of virtual_oss when (for example) 
> I need 
> to use a USB headset and increase the volume, like, 
> up-to-eleven, for my 
> impaired hearing.
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