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Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at
Fri Feb 12 09:32:33 UTC 2021

Hello all,

Can someone please recommend a reliable Mail Host that uses
Exim+DirectAdmin or any sane combo....
PS: I know how to build and run my own mail server, but I do not want to in
this case. I want someone else to be responsible for that. And it's not
Google. I need cheap hosting.
Basically what I want to achieve with the hosting service is to have mail

Let's say I have 5 mail accounts in
I want a situation where a copy of all mail TO user1 at myorg,name is
forwarded to backup at
Similarly, a copy of all OUTgoing mail from user1 at is forwarded
to backup at
In the backup at account, I need to have the ability to manage mail
using filters.
Foreach user1, user2, userN in myorg,name, I want to have user*-{IN|OUT}

That is all.

Does anyone know a host that has such a facility and very reliable?? That
host should be giving reasonable storage.

Best regards,
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