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david russell rukklespc at
Thu Feb 11 20:32:34 UTC 2021

File system!I recently installed version 11.4.
The format only gave me 1 complete file system.I have installed 6.1
freebsd  it allowed speakers partitions,which I think is better!
I tried to get the partition manager, to create separate
partitions,couldn't do it!
I don't like the new partition sceme.
You should go back to the other partition manager like freebsd6.1 had!
I tried to install version 12,it wouldn't go past the partition manager!
The partition manager does not allow choices in the file setup,ie
dump,srv,fake root,nfs.
In my opinion an all in 1 partition is a disaster waiting to happen.
Q:can you give an option in version 14?regarding format choices.
Thank you.
David Russell

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