Suggested upgrade for a GeForce GT 450

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Sun Feb 7 07:17:40 UTC 2021

I should also mention, it seems we're talking about two different things.
There is limited CUDA support w/in the linux emulation layer for
but the native nvidia blob for FreeBSD hasn't had this support for well
over the ~20 years (or more) I've been using FreeBSD.

That's an important distinction.

Also, it's maybe true that they've added support within the past year to
the native blob, but when I was building my machine not than a year ago, it
wasn't there.


On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 2:13 AM Paul Procacci <pprocacci at> wrote:

> It's not incorrect.  The necessary bits to run anything related to CUDA
> _are missing from_ FreeBSD's native nvidia blob.
> ~Paul
> On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 2:07 AM Aryeh Friedman <aryeh.friedman at>
> wrote:
>> On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 1:56 AM Paul Procacci <pprocacci at> wrote:
>>> I think you're mistaken.  I like Nvidia and always have liked Nvidia.
>>> There are limitations to the card however when it comes to gpu
>>> offloading of tasks that utilize either cuda or similar.
>>> It's simply not possible.  Full stop.
>> Again incorrect the documentation for the nVidia driver even discusses
>> how to set up CUDA here are two of the relevant quotes from it:
>> "Disabling acceleration is useful when another component, such as CUDA,
>>     requires exclusive use of the GPU's processing cores. Performance of
>> the X
>>     server will be reduced when acceleration is disabled, and some
>> features
>>     may not be available."
>> "The NVIDIA driver will not perform any
>>     mode validation or mode setting for this X screen. This is intended
>> for
>>     use in conjunction with CUDA or in remote graphics solutions such as
>> VNC
>>     or Hewlett Packard's Remote Graphics Software (RGS)."
>> From an article on the release of 12.0-BETA4 (
>> "This is necessary for FreeBSD 64-bit CUDA support with NVIDIA's driver.
>> Previously the FreeBSD CUDA support played nicely with 32-bit, but that was
>> dropped in CUDA 9.0. This should help too for other 64-bit Linux emulation
>> code for working with NVIDIA's binary graphics driver."
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