LTO tape and StorageWorks PowerVault auto-changers

Casey Scott casey at
Thu Feb 4 12:14:13 UTC 2021

Amanda may be worth a look. It should support jukeboxes, though my "library" is virtual (file based) tapes but I also use it with LTOs with a non-changing LTO tape drive.

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On 03/02/2021 21:47, Frank Leonhardt wrote:
> Before I re-invent something that exists but I simply don't know about 
> it, is anyone else using LTO tape on FreeBSD, especially with HP 
> StorageWorks or Dell PowerVault juke boxes?

I asked the same on FreeBSD Forums, and a kind person called "Jose" 
pointed this out:

"It looks like the way to manage medium changers in Freebsd is 
I also know that there's at least one person that successfully uses 
Bacula with a medium changer in Freebsd

Adding a tape library to Bacula – Dan Langille's Other Diary" 

chio is the think I was looking for, but it's not mentioned in the 
documentation and you can't find it unless you know what you're looking 
for - it's not even in the "See Also" section for mt.

I'm now pushing on with some new documentation for the modern world of 

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