LTO tape and StorageWorks PowerVault auto-changers

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at
Wed Feb 3 21:46:25 UTC 2021

Before I re-invent something that exists but I simply don't know about 
it, is anyone else using LTO tape on FreeBSD, especially with HP 
StorageWorks or Dell PowerVault juke boxes?

With a single drive you can get away with mt and tar/dump as you prefer. 
It's also easy enough to dump a ZFS dataset to a tape device - although 
not documented (that's one of my first jobs). But when it comes to 
jukeboxes there's nothing I'm aware of - you can't even get at the tape 
label - either via the RMI or cam. Unless you know different?

I haven't even been able to find programming documentation from HP or 
Dell, but some must exist as commercial backup products can do this on 

Is there some huge cache of documentation I'm missing (pointer please!), 
or is anyone else working on this and able to join forces?

BTW, I am aware of LTFS but it's not really useful in the BSD world, 
where archiving databases and datasets is more likely to be of interest.

Thanks, Frank.

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