Installing git draws a lot of dependencies

Walter von Entferndt walter.von.entferndt at
Wed Feb 3 20:35:49 UTC 2021

At Dienstag, 2. Februar 2021, 13:00:02 CET freebsd at (you) 
> Can you point me to a discussion explaining why we have to keep up
> with sooo many dependencies?

> [...] But I can't believe what I am reading, when I do 'pkg install
> git' I can see a lot of dependencies where I can't see the
> relationship with git. [...]
>   * bash??? I don't need that
>   * perl5? Come on! I just want git!
>   * python What? Why do you need Perl5 in the first place?
>   * subversion? Git is using subversion???
>   * tpm-emulator? Emulator of what?
> Installing git will consume up to 367 MiB of my SDCard on my Pi...
edit /usr/local/etc/pkf.conf, in the ALIAS section change
+  all-rdepends: rquery %dn-%dv,
-  comment: query -i "%c",
+  comment: query -i "[%C/%n] %c",
+  rcomment: rquery -i "[%o] %c",
+  license: query "%l: %L",
+  provides: query "[%n-%v] %b",
+  provides-all: query -a "[%n-%v] %b",
+  rprovides: rquery "[%n-%v] %b",
+  rprovides-all: rquery -a "[%n-%v] %b",
+  message: "query '[%C/%n] %M'",
+  prime-list: "query -e '%a = 0' '%n'",
+  prime-origins: "query -e '%a = 0' '%o'",
+  rinfo: rquery -i "%c",
+  rlicense: rquery -i "%l: %L",

pkg install psearch
(do some search)
pkg all-rdepends gitup
pkg install gitup
=|o)  "Stell' Dir vor es geht und keiner kriegt's hin." (Wolfgang Neuss)

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