Suggestion for release names?

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Wed Feb 3 20:34:33 UTC 2021

I know the subject of user confusion on STABLE and RELEASE has come up in the past, but I found out that releng is also confusing as I was recently talking to someone who only ran releng versions of freebsd because he thought that was an English only version of Release.

I know this is probably futile and there's little reason to change, but I think all three animus could be better.

STABLE -> "PreRelease" or "Candidate" (although RC is already used, so many not that)
RELEASE -> "" or "Production" or 
Releng  -> Development

I'm not proposing the these are the names that should be picked, but I think names could be picked that make it clearer that RELEASE is the 'real' version for most everyone and not stable and spells out more clearly what releng is.

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