Installing git draws a lot of dependencies

freebsd at freebsd at
Tue Feb 2 09:22:43 UTC 2021

Hi guys,

Can you point me to a discussion explaining why we have to keep up with 
sooo many dependencies?

I assume this matter was address many times and I don't want to directly 
bring up the topic... again.

I have just installed FreeBSD12 on a new system. First thing I want to 
reinstall is git.

But I can't believe what I am reading, when I do 'pkg install git' I can 
see a lot of dependencies where I can't see the relationship with git.

Installing git will have, amongst others...

  * bash    I don't need that
  * perl5  Come on! I just want git!
  * python What? Why do you need Perl5 in the first place?
  * subversion  Git is using subversion???
  * tpm-emulator  Emulator of what?

Installing git will consume up to 367 MiB of my SDCard on my Pi...

Yeah, I know it's not new. Just want to know what is the very good 
reason behind that.

Thanks for enlighting me.


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