libreoffice 7.0.3 (FreeBSD 13.0) && audio file insert

Dima Panov fluffy at
Mon Feb 1 16:14:31 UTC 2021


Is your LO package built with MMEDIA option?
Latest port is 7.0.4 and it works with embedded mesia like a charm.

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> On Monday, Feb 01, 2021 at 10:33 PM, Matthias Apitz <guru at (mailto:guru at> wrote:
> Hello,
> This is with:
> $ uname -a
> FreeBSD c720-r368166 13.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT #23 r368166M: Thu Dec 17 13:12:37 CET 2020 guru at c720-r368166:/usr/obj/usr/src/amd64.amd64/sys/GENERIC amd64
> and libreoffice 7.0.3 (all ports compiled from head).
> My sun needs the integration of audio files for a presentation in
> school. LO claims that the audio file format (in this case .wav) is
> unsupported. The Linux minded LO help forum claim that one needs to
> install a lot of gstreamer1 packages, see for example here:
> I've installed already the list of packages visible in the
> attached below. But it still does not work and even running LO in
> an xterm does not give any clue what it is missing.
> Thanks for any hint.
> matthias
> $ pkg info | egrep 'gstream|ffm'
> ffmpeg-4.3.1_8,1 Realtime audio/video encoder/converter and streaming server
> gstreamer1-1.16.2 Media applications framework
> gstreamer1-editing-services-1.16.2 GStreamer editing services
> gstreamer1-libav-1.16.2 GStreamer plug-in with many audio/video decoders/encoders
> gstreamer1-plugins-1.16.2_2 GStreamer written collection of plugins handling several media types
> gstreamer1-plugins-a52dec-1.16.2 GStreamer ATSC A/52 stream aka AC-3 (dvd audio) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-aalib-1.16.2 GStreamer ASCII art videosink plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-all-1.16_1 Meta-port of all GStreamer 1.x plugins with options
> gstreamer1-plugins-amrnb-1.16.2 GStreamer OpenCore based Adaptive Multi-Rate Narrow-Band plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-amrwbdec-1.16.2 GStreamer OpenCore based Adaptive Multi-Rate Wide-Band Decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-aom-1.16.2_13 GStreamer (libaom) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-assrender-1.16.2 GStreamer ASS/SSA text renderer plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-bad-1.16.2 GStreamer-plugins that need more quality, testing or documentation
> gstreamer1-plugins-bs2b-1.16.2 GStreamer Bauer Stereophonic to Banaural BSP (bs2b) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-cairo-1.16.2 GStreamer overlay renderer plugin based on cairo
> gstreamer1-plugins-cdio-1.16.2 GStreamer compact disc input and control library
> gstreamer1-plugins-cdparanoia-1.16.2 GStreamer CDDA extraction (aka audio ripping) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-chromaprint-1.16.2 GStreamer audio fingerprint extracting plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-core-1.16 Core set of typical audio and video GStreamer plugins
> gstreamer1-plugins-curl-1.16.2 GStreamer curl based output plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-dash-1.16.2 GStreamer Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP demuxer plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-dtls-1.16.2 GStreamer Datagram TLS (dtls) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-dts-1.16.2 GStreamer dts audio decode plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-dv-1.16.2 GStreamer dv demux and decoder plugin based on libdv
> gstreamer1-plugins-dvdread-1.16.2_1 GStreamer DVD access plugin with libdvdread
> gstreamer1-plugins-faad-1.16.2 GStreamer MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AAC decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-flac-1.16.2 GStreamer free lossless audio encoder/decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-flite-1.16.2 GStreamer flite run-time speech synthesis engine plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-gdkpixbuf-1.16.2 GStreamer image decoder/overlay plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-gl-1.16.2_1 GStreamer GL graphics plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-gme-1.16.2 GStreamer emulate gaming console sound processors plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-gnonlin-1.4.0 GStreamer lib for writing non-linear audio and video
> gstreamer1-plugins-good-1.16.2 GStreamer-plugins good-quality plug-ins
> gstreamer1-plugins-gsm-1.16.2 GStreamer gsm encoding/decoding plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-gtk-1.16.2 GStreamer gtksink plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-hls-1.16.2_1 GStreamer HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-jack-1.16.2 GStreamer low-latency audio server plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-jpeg-1.16.2 GStreamer jpeg encoder/decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-kate-1.16.2 GStreamer kate codec plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-kms-1.16.2 GStreamer video sink via KMS plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-ladspa-1.16.2 Gstreamer ladspa (Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-libcaca-1.16.2 GStreamer color ASCII art plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-libde265-1.16.2 GStreamer HEVC/H.265 decoder (libde265) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-libmms-1.16.2 GStreamer mms:// and mmsh:// plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-libvisual-1.16.2 GStreamer libvisual plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-lv2-1.16.2 Gstreamer lv2 wrapper plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-modplug-1.16.2 GStreamer module decoder based on modplug egine plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-mpeg2dec-1.16.2 GStreamer mpeg decode plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-mpeg2enc-1.16.2 GStreamer mpeg encoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-mpg123-1.16.2 GStreamer MPEG Layer 1, 2, and 3 plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-mplex-1.16.2 GStreamer mplex plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-musepack-1.16.2 Gstreamer musepack mpc encoder/decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-neon-1.16.2 GStreamer neon http source plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-ogg-1.16.2 GStreamer Ogg bitstream plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-opencv-1.16.2 GStreamer opencv real time computer vision plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-openexr-1.16.2_4 GStreamer OpenExr codec plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-openh264-1.16.2_1 GStreamer (openh264) plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-openjpeg-1.16.2 GStreamer jpeg2000 decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-openmpt-1.16.2_1 GStreamer OpenMPT audio decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-opus-1.16.2 GStreamer Opus audio encoder/decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-pango-1.16.2 GStreamer pango textoverlay plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-png-1.16.2 GStreamer png plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-pulse-1.16.2 GStreamer pulseaudio plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-qt-1.16.2 GStreamer Qt videosink plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-resindvd-1.16.2_1 GStreamer resindvd DVD playback plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-rsvg-1.16.2 GStreamer SVG plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-rtmp-1.16.2 GStreamer RTMP stream source and sink plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-shout2-1.16.2 GStreamer icecast output plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-sidplay-1.16.2 GStreamer Commodore SID audio decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-smoothstreaming-1.16.2 GStreamer parse and demuliplex a Smooth Streaming manifest into audio/video streams plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-sndfile-1.16.2_1 Gstreamer sndfile plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-sndio- Sndio audio sink and source for GStreamer
> gstreamer1-plugins-soundtouch-1.16.2 GStreamer soundtouch plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-soup-1.16.2 GStreamer soup based http input plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-spandsp-1.16.2 GStreamer DSP library and software FAX machine plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-speex-1.16.2 GStreamer speex voice encode/decode plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-srtp-1.16.2 GStreamer srtp plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-taglib-1.16.2 GStreamer taglib plugin for adding APEv2 and ID3v2 headers
> gstreamer1-plugins-theora-1.16.2 GStreamer theora plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-ttml-1.16.2 GStreamer ttml subtitle plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-twolame-1.16.2 GStreamer High-quality free MP2 encoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-ugly-1.16.2 GStreamer-plugins set of good-quality plug-ins that might have distribution problems
> gstreamer1-plugins-v4l2-1.16.2_1 GStreamer Video 4 Linux 2 source plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-vorbis-1.16.2 GStreamer vorbis encoder/decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-vpx-1.16.2 GStreamer vp8 codec plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-vulkan-1.16.2_1 GStreamer Vulkan graphics plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-wavpack-1.16.2 GStreamer wavpack encode/decode plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-webp-1.16.2 GStreamer webp image decoder plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-webrtcdsp-1.16.2 GStreamer WebRTC Audio Processing plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-x-1.16.2 GStreamer X and Xvideo output plugins
> gstreamer1-plugins-x264-1.16.2_2 GStreamer libx264 based H264 plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-x265-1.16.2_1 GStreamer libx265 based H265 plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-ximagesrc-1.16.2 GStreamer X source plugin
> gstreamer1-plugins-zbar-1.16.2 GStreamer ZBar barcode detector plugin
> gstreamermm-1.10.0 C++ wrapper library for the multimedia library GStreamer
> kdemultimedia-ffmpegthumbs-20.08.3 FFmpeg-based thumbnail generator for video files
> phonon-gstreamer-qt5-4.10.0 GStreamer backend for Phonon
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