EFI Bootstrap Question on 13.0

john john at johnrshannon.com
Mon Apr 19 16:55:46 UTC 2021

I resolved my problem.

When I could not mount the efi partition I re-created it:

# newfs_msdos -F 32 -c 1 /dev/nvd0p1

mounted it and wrote the bootstrap code:

# mount -t msdosfs -o longnames /dev/ada0p1 mountpoint
# mkdir -p mountpoint/EFI/BOOT
  cp /boot/loader.efi mountpoint/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi

The system boot now.

On 4/19/21 10:40 AM, john via freebsd-questions wrote:
> Should it be possible to mount the efi partition as a msdosfs?
> # mount -t msdosfs -o longnames /dev/nvd0p1 mountpoint
> I'm getting:
> msdos_fs: Invalid argument /dev/nvd0p1
> gpart shows partition 1 of nvd0 as efi partition
> On 4/19/21 8:30 AM, john via freebsd-questions wrote:
>> I updated to 13.0 successfully. I then upgraded ZFS because I found 
>> that was necessary to import a ZFS pool mounted on iSCSI without 
>> forcing it. 
>> Everything seemed to be working correctly until I upgraded a handful of 
>> packages that changed since Friday morning.
>> The system won't boot. It stops in startup.nsh.
>> After upgrading ZFS I updated the bootcode according to the warning in 

>> the Handbook. While the handbook says to run:
>> # gpart bootcode -p /boot/boot1.efifat -i 1 ada1
>> I didn't see "boot1.efifat" in /boot so I executed instead:
>> # gpart -p bootcode -p /boot/boot1.efi -i1 nvd0
>> Did I reference the wrong file for the bootcode?
>> I can mount the filesystem from the live CD and verify that I'm using 
>> UEFI boot and that partition 1 is the EFI partition.
>> Recovery recommendations?

John R. Shannon
john at johnrshannon.com

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